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I am Caro, a director and screenwriter from Germany.

After taking a "Video Editing" class in Berkeley CA 2014, I graduated from studying film in Germany 2019.
I currently work in several fields of the film industry with the main emphasis on screenwriting and directing.

I have work experience in the production as well as the postproduction departments and participated in a variety of film projects such as feature film, short film, commercial, and music video projects.

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)

Director & Scriptwriter

2021         My Fight | Music Video

2020        Tempted | Short Film

2020        The Pubic Hair | Short Film

2019         Trudi | Short Film

2018         Ahead of Me | Short Film

Assistant Director

2021         BASTARD2 | Documentary Series

                  | by Marco Eisenbarth

2021         Brother Range Video | Commercial

                  | by Dennis Baumann

2021        Na, Schnittchen? | Short Film

                 | by Antoine Schweitzer

2020         A Day in the Life of a Boy | Short Film

                  | by Niklas Bauer

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